Daring Tales of Adventure

To End All Wars

Brent’s friend Jim Black sounded very scared on the phone. He told Brent he had to meet him immediately at a local coffee shop. Brent waited there with Amelia, Patrick, and Vera. Patrick and Vera knew Jim from college, and Brent used to share a room with him. As they started their second round of coffee, they noticed Jim crossing the street nearby. As Brent waved, they all heard the screaming of tires and were shocked to see Jim cut down with machine gun fire from a car speeding by! The heroes quickly ran out of the shop. Brent whipped out one of his trusty Colt 1911 pistols and took a couple quick shots while Amelia and Vera rushed to their cars. Patrick ran to Jim and could tell he would be dead in moments. Jim reached out to Patrick and whispered “Starkweather…Nazis…” then died.

The four brave heroes quickly piled into their roadsters and chased after the callous goons who just killed their friend. They caught up to the heavy sedan by weaving in and out of traffic. Brent told Amelia to pull alongside the sedan and to everyone’s amazement he leaped onto the roof! One of the mobsters fired blindly through the roof while Vera shot one sitting in the back seat. Brent swung through the driver’s door and kicked the driver in the face. A short struggle ensued, but a solid right knocked the driver out and a well placed shot from Vera took out the final goon.

Brent found a business card with the name Valerie Braveheart in the driver’s pocket. She was a reporter with the Boston Herald. They also found a note with a Starkweather Labs header stating to meet at the lab to help load crates. They found that Valerie was out on an assignment, so they headed to Starkweather Labs to investigate.

When they arrived at the lab, they saw several burly men loading crates into the back of trucks. The gang tried to quietly sneak past the men, but Amelia’s heels made a racket on the concrete. A few inquiries of the men proved useless, they didn’t seem to know much or they weren’t willing to offer any useful information. They did say to go ahead and enter the building.

They quietly entered the door and climbed a flight of stairs. At the top they found themselves in an office overlooking the warehouse floor. As they peered through the windows into the dimly lit warehouse below, they saw a lady tied to a chair surrounded by tough looking men. One well-built man, with prematurely white hair and a wicked scar down the right side of his face, was roughly questioning her. The group decided to sneak down another staircase that led into the warehouse, and quietly make their way toward the goons.

The room was dark and various machines were humming, so it didn’t take much effort to reach the group undetected. Patrick charged in first, clocking one goon in the back of the head with his pistol, knocking him cold. Patrick wisely held on to the unconscious body and used it as a shield, in case there was any shooting. The rest of the heroes charged in, catching the men by surprise. A few shots were fired, and one stray bullet knocked over a container that split open. An angry swarm of large insects was released, and flew right into the melee. The apparent leader of the men put a gun to Valerie’s head and ordered the heroes to leave. Brent threw one of the thugs into the insect swarm and looked at the leader menacingly. The leader took the gun away from Valerie’s head and shot a storage tank nearby. The bullet ignited whatever was in the tank, and a huge explosion caused everyone to back away to safety. The man with the white hair used the explosion to his advantage, hurling Valerie and the chair she was tied to to the ground and fleeing, firing rapidly at other storage tanks causing even more explosions. The explosions caused a chain reaction, and the heroes rushed Valerie and themselves to safety as the surviving thugs fled out in another direction.

….to be continued

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